About Us

P&P Academy- investment in knowledge.

P&P Academy in Belgrade is the place where prominent experts in business law offer training courses, intended for solving legal issues that arise daily in any business.

Knowledge of the law and the way the regulations are interpreted and implemented in practice is necessary not only to lawyers and business owners, but also to all those who encounter some legal issues in their workplace. P&P Academy offers concisely designed training courses in which, through interpretation of legislation, special attention is paid to their practical application in business.

The lecturers are lawyers of the law office Prica & Partners, who, thanks to the rich experience and the long, highly-specialized practice of Business Law and Foreign Investments, fully understand dilemmas and business problems that may arise as a result of erroneous interpretation of the pertinent rules and regulations that apply to the given problem. The courses are designed to enable the participants to acquire knowledge to independently apply the legislation and to find optimal and legal solutions, thus avoiding potentially far-reaching and costly litigation.

The goal of the P&P Academy is to respond to the needs of fast-changing, highly complex business world that requires not only business savvy, but also knowledge of the rules and regulations and their practical application, often at surprisingly sophisticated levels. The training courses are to be attended by ten participants, the optimal number that provides a high quality of work, in order for each participant to receive the attention needed, and for the lecturer to respond to all legal questions raised. After completing the training course, participants are sure to accurately and optimally apply such legal solutions to their business needs.

P&P Academy is the place to get all the necessary answers to legal questions arising in the ordinary course of business, but also those that arise in some particularly sensitive business situations.
The quality of teaching, experience of our lecturers and the original concept of the training courses guarantee the results of making the participants competent, confident and agile leaders in their respective fields.