Many business decisions, agreements and actions can appear on its face as legitimate but they might be risky from the competition law point of view, i.e. discussions related to price fixing with competitors, loyalty discounts and rebates, etc. Because of large fines (up to 10% of the total annual turnover) and negative impact on business reputation, compliance with competition rules and regulations is very important and must be taken seriously. This course is geared toward commercial entities doing business in Serbia, and especially toward managers and employees involved in sale of goods and services to companies, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, banks and all those that actively participate in the Serbian market.

You will learn:

  • What cartels are (how they are formed and how they influence the market),
  • Types of prohibited vertical agreements – what is allowed and what is prohibited, especially with a view on distribution agreements,
  • Market dominance; abuse of dominant position,
  • What to do in the first hour of a competition dawn raid?
  • Local practice of the Commission for Protection of Competition and impact of EU practice on the local practice (practical examples and sectors being closely watched by the Commission)
  • Legal protection of market participants (in a proceeding before the Commission; judicial review of Commissions’ decisions; payment of damages)
  • Do you need Compliance Program (training of employees related to their actions in the market place for the purpose of avoiding violation of competition laws)?




Day 1

Prohibited Agreements

  • Cartels and vertical agreements of market participants
  • Exemption from prohibition (individual, block exemption, de minimis)
  • Practice of Commission for Protection of Competition

Abuse of Dominant Position

  • Dominant Position
  • Examples of prohibited practices
  • Practice of Commission for Protection of Competition

Procedure before Commission for Protection of Competition

  • Leniency program
  • Dawn raid
  • Judicial Review
  • Damages
12:00 - 12:15

Coffee Break


  • Compliance program necessity
  • Q & A