What is mobbing? Recently, some legislation has been passed imposing additional obligations on employers, from preparing and submitting appropriate notices to their employees, to implementation of internal procedures regarding certain issues and appointing persons who shall conduct such procedures. This course will show you what obligations of the employers are based on the Law on Prevention of Mobbing at Work and Law on Protection of Whistleblowers, as well as other essential aspects of these laws.

This is what you will learn:


  • What is considered to be mobbing and what behavior should one refrain from,
  • What are duties of the employer based on the rules governing protection from mobbing at work,
  • What should be done when an employee reports to be a victim of mobbing at work,
  • What rights does the Law afford the employee who reported the mobbing,
  • Mediation proceeding organized by the employer,
  • When can a court proceeding be brought and what can be the employee’s claim for remedy,
  • Consequences of reporting mobbing and abuse of the right to protection.

Protection of Whistleblowers:

  • What is whistleblowing, and types thereof,
  • What are the rights of the whistleblower,
  • What are the duties of the employer under this Law,
  • Who can be authorized person at the employer to manage a proceeding brought because of the whistleblowing,
  • Proceeding in the case of the whistleblowing at the employer,
  • Court protection of whistleblowers.




Day 1

Prevention of mobbing at work

  • The concept of mobbing at work
  • Duties of employer
  • Protection by employer; limitation periods
  • Consequences reports of mobbing at work
  • Abuse of the right to protection from mobbing at work
  • Court protection
  • Penalty provisions

Protection of whistleblowers

  • Whistleblowing – concept and types
  • Right to protection and duties of employer
  • Internal alerting
  • Damages and court protection
  • Penalty provisions
12:00 - 12:15

Coffee Break


  • Examples
  • Q & A