Awarding employees with discounted shares – Implementation of share purchase plans (spp) in Serbia

This course will help you understand relatively new concept of awarding your employees in Serbia, but which is becoming increasingly popular –offering to employees to purchase the company shares with discount. Having in mind that this concept is scarcely regulated in Serbia, we will explain to you which regulation is applicable and what are the official opinions and most recent practice of competent Serbian authorities in this respect. We will also guide you step-by-step through the implementation procedure of share purchase plans and thoroughly explain what are the obligations of the local employer in accordance with the applicable regulations.



Day 1

Modul I – Share purchase plans

  • Content and variations of SPPs and legal framework for their implementation in Serbia
  • Avoiding implementation of the Law on Capital Markets (most recent opinions and position of the Serbian Securities Commision)
  • Tax consequences for employees and employer

Coffee break

Modul II- Practical guideliness for implementation of the SPP

  • Employer’s communication with employees and necessary documents
  • Determining the payment method and securing that employees pay for their shares
  • Required documents for business bank and trunsfer of funds abroad
  • Obligation of the employer to register personal data base with the authorities and written consent of the employees
  • Reporting obligation to the National Bank of Serbia